Social Policy & Justice

Asia Conference 2019

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In the past few decades, societies in Asia have experienced rapid and dramatic economic, cultural, and political shifts, a phenomenon that has incited not only significant social change, but also rampant inequality. Besides factors such as income inequality, humanitarian crises, and natural disasters, cybersecurity risks have become an influential factor in global power dynamics. Within the same geopolitical boundaries, progress and harmony are challenged by gender-based discrimination, lack of mental healthcare, and clashes between modern and traditional culture.

In the midst of these inequalities, societies face strong challenges created by human injustice and improper implementation of social policies, and will require brave and judicious solutions to mitigate humanitarian crises. By capitalizing on the increasing digitization within societies, transcending ethnic and cultural barriers, and engaging the brightest young minds across the world, we may be able to enact positive change. Through delving deeper into political, social, and economic issues of our society, delegates will gain a more well-rounded understanding of many controversial and pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific region today.

In this track, delegates will examine the ideal of justice on a global scale and be challenged to construct solutions to these complex issues.

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