Science & Technology

Asia Conference 2019

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At the epicenter of human progression and prosperity stand the foundations of science and technology that fuel innovation, discovery, and commercialization. Influencing one another’s development, their mutual growth brings civilizations into a new era of living. As XXI century unfolds, the contemporary world is becoming a furnace for both Science and Technology. Modern research and technological advancements are penetrating every aspect of human life, be it economic, political or social. Everyday breakthroughs are forever altering individual’s way of living or even the organization of society, resulting in the new picture of the entire world. Understanding the nature of this unstable power is of crucial importance for building a sustainable future for humanity and preventing the chaos it may cause. In the Science and Technology track, delegates will dive into the world of innovative discoveries in science, and learn about the integrated use of scientific discoveries and digitization in entrepreneurship. Digital transformation has become one of the newest global trends, which is facilitating the process of its implementation - not only in IT, but also in politics, economy, medicine, and business. Scientific and digital development enabled us to track the traces of corruption, create safe cybersecurity systems and blockchain technology, and lead more sustainable businesses. Delegate will gradually be able to rationalize the direct role that innovation and discovery play in developing new products, and how recent revolutions in engineering and technology—including artificial intelligence, gene editing, and quantum computing—will pose as opportunities for expansion as humanity enters the next technological revolution. Ultimately, the track will develop exciting visions for entrepreneurs and the novel companies they lead.

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