Governance & Geopolitics

Asia Conference 2019

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Governance and Geopolitics are core driving forces of turbulence in contemporary world affairs. Societal organization and governance have always been pivotal in their outcomes, whether flourishment or disruption. Rapid digitalization and increased cultural interactions in the 21st century are providing a significant impetus for the importance of the issue. As Western liberalism continues to be challenged by a rising East, scope of the conflict starts to escalate. The unfolding of this turbulence is leading to significant structural shifts of the world order with state interactions transitioning from multilateral to bilateral, and the consequent emergence of regional blocs as the central units of international affairs. Understanding the nature of this emerging world order is of crucial importance for building a sustainable future for humanity.

Contemporary issues in geopolitics are interdisciplinary and exceedingly complex. Thematic changes in global geopolitics arise predominantly in a new Cold War in the age of data and AI between the United States and China in increasingly diverse domains of warfare ranging from 5G telecommunications information warfare and espionage to economic statecraft through massive private corporations. Around the world, in a new era of geopolitics defined by instability, the only thing constant is change: for better or for worse.

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