Art, Media & Culture

Asia Conference 2019

 This track will take a look at major strides that have been made recently in various fields and industries, putting diversity and Asian representation in the spotlight, be it in film, music, writing, or other channels for art, media, and culture. Participants will discuss the constantly-accelerating technological advancements and increasingly digitalized world we find ourselves in, and how art, media, and culture are subsequently affected. This time of digitalization has also witnessed the emergence of large corporations using their platforms to enhance their brand and consumer experience.  

Delegates will explore how the boundaries between and within art, media, and culture are being pushed and stretched. Art is just as important for a moving piano performance, as for scientific lab research or a business model. Delegates will be encouraged to consider how they can harness the capacities of creative expression to elevate their own endeavors. Art communicates and fuels change in powerful ways that no other medium can; it reveals truths, it disturbs, it unites, and it speaks. To everyone and for everyone.

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