The world is looking for leaders.


Our mission is to connect the leaders of today with the leaders of tomorrow.

Through two annual conferences, HPAIR aims to provide an inclusive forum of exchange on global issues. For the past two decades, we have fostered long-term relationships among young leaders from around the globe and connected talented delegates with today’s leaders in academia, business, and government. In HPAIR, our staff develop themselves as leaders through professional work during conference preparation as well as through their conversations with guests at the conference. We invite you to become part of our organization and lead the world into a future of greatness.

The application for new HPAIR associates is now closed. Thank you for your interest.


Become part of a legacy

Established in 1991, HPAIR is a student-run organization that continuously delivers excellence. We bring together international leaders and top students to engage in dialogues regarding the most pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.


A role for everyone

To source delegates and speakers at an international scope is no simple task. We recruit for a broad spectrum of talents, skill sets, and backgrounds. Please see below and explore the roles of our HPAIR teams.

Conference Programming

Conference Programming curates content for HPAIR conferences, crafting a thematic vision for the keynote, plenary, panel, and track sessions. Panel and seminar-specific conference programming, which are entirely planned by associates, is oriented around six discussion tracks: Global Markets and Economy; Governance and Geopolitics; Social Policy and Justice; Technology and Innovation; Art, Media, and Culture; and Energy and Environmental Sustainability. The breadth and diversity of the discussion tracks allows for HPAIR conferences to attract a wide audience, and our associates have the opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships with their delegates and prospective speakers.

Delegate Relations

Delegate Relations manages the end-to-end delegate experience of the HPAIR conference. Associates on the team craft the application review process, which solicits applications from over 90 countries. Delegate Relations also ensures conference affordability through the scholarship program, coordinates with visa officers worldwide to allow delegate entry into our conferences, and communicates conference details regularly with all delegates, giving team members the opportunity to directly interface with some of the world’s brightest young professionals.

Corporate Relations

Associates of Corporate Relations are responsible for nurturing conversations with industry to building external relationships. Corporate Relations support conference programming through Impact Challenges — sponsored case study competitions — and delegate field trips to partner organizations. Corporate Relations exists in large part to ensure that the conferences are financially accessible to delegates via sponsorships and partnerships for accommodations and transportation.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications curates online presence and social media materials to establish the HPAIR brand for delegates, speakers, and sponsors. Associates in Marketing and Communications achieve this by researching the HPAIR audience, identifying channels for efficient communication, and executing strategies to promote the HPAIR conferences.


Operations is responsible for ensuring that on-the-ground logistics at the conferences run smoothly. Associates in Operations work with other committees to improve the overall efficiency of the conference preparation process. By securing venues, negotiating corresponding contracts, and planning the schedule of the conferences events, Operations touches all aspects of HPAIR and wield a key role to conference success.


Finance manages HPAIR’s cash flow and financial planning, a complex task given the scale and scope of our conference audience. Associates of Finance plan the disbursement of our budget, keep track of delegate fee and sponsorship payments to create revenue reports, and work with venues and vendors to coordinate expenditures. Finance maintains HPAIR’s bank relationship and works to streamline payment processes for delegates, sponsors, venues, and vendors.


Design establishes the forward-facing brand of the organization through the creation of style guides for sponsorships, marketing, and conference-related materials, including conference logos, merchandise, and delegate handbooks. Experience in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, and/or other similar programs is preferred for candidates of the Design team.


Multimedia produces the film materials that are used by Marketing and Communications and Design to shape the organizational brand. Associates of Multimedia take photos and videos at all conference sessions, which are used to create conference recaps to be unveiled at each conference’s Closing Ceremony, uploaded to our YouTube and social media channels, and disseminated in outreach to prospective delegates as well as potential speakers and sponsors. Multimedia’s work captures the essence of HPAIR’s mission in action. Experience in film and video editing is preferred for candidates of the Multimedia team.


Technology uses industry-standard software to build and maintain the digital interfaces that serve traffic to thousands of users every day. Technology owns the delegate application portal, the HPAIR website, and the HPAIR mobile app. Technology associates use Python and SQL to automate tasks during conference preparation and solve problems for other committees. Data pulls and traffic monitoring help customer-facing teams in HPAIR better understand their audiences and prioritize accordingly. Experience in building web apps and mobile apps is preferred for candidates of the Technology team.

Associate Application Timeline

  • Friday, Sept. 13 @ 11:59pm - Associate Application Deadline

  • Saturday, Sept. 14 - Round 1 Interviews in Sever Hall 210

  • Sunday, Sept. 15 - Round 2 Interviews in Sever Hall 210

  • Monday, Sept. 16 - Associate Acceptances are released