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Panel I · Science & Technology

Scientific Revolutions & The Future of Intelligence Driven Discoveries 

As the world embraces the technological revolution that has come to define the turn of the 21st century, startups as a whole are more rationally positioned to become enablers of change and influence. Asian markets, in particular, are at the epicenter of disruption; however, with the exponentially growing economies of China and India developing into hubs blooming with startups, more and more entrepreneurs are emerging with the need to stand out in a highly competitive Asian marketplace. By developing high impact technologies to address preeminent issues—both niche and broad–the focus of companies has evolved into providing pragmatic solutions that are affordable, easy to use, minimally invasive, and highly effective for problems consumers face on a daily basis. 

For countries in Asia, where manual labour and factories prevail, investments in developing artificial intelligence systems to enhance efficiency of manufacturing or processing systems have increased drastically—presenting a cascade of ethical issues. With many corporations serving as proponents of the thesis that machine learning is the future—the applications of artificial intelligence range across all aspects of industry and life, and will empower humanity to explore science’s unknowns at an unprecedented rate, while leading to trade-offs in other industries. This panel aims to explore the applications of artificial intelligence in scientific discovery and companies—allowing delegates to explore further the possibilities of AI to impact humanity. 

Earlier Event: August 17
Panel I · Global Markets & the Economy
Later Event: August 17
Coffee Break & Networking Session