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Seminar I · Energy & Environmental Sustainability

Air Pollution: The Silent Killer to be Caught

One in eight premature deaths in the world is caused by air pollution, and over 90% of the Asian population is exposed to the significantly harmful levels of air pollution. The harmful effects of this “silent killer”—air pollution—are not only limited to human health, but also has wide ranging effects on the atmosphere, precipitation, global meteorology, materials, and natural life. With the rise in human population and corresponding demands, air is no longer found clean in nature, due to natural and man-made pollution. Even tiny, solid particles in the air can lead to air pollution through winds, storms, or various industrial activities. In addition, monitoring air pollutants has been a costly global affair with no direct beneficial returns. Knowing such problems exist, how can we bring air quality to the required standards? What are the measures to control and prevent air pollution in an effective way? What are the intersections between varying cultures? During such a cleaning process, how can we capitalize on digitalization and cultural trends to achieve our goal?

Earlier Event: August 17
Coffee Break & Networking Session
Later Event: August 17
Networking Session