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Seminar I · Arts, Media & Culture

Arts in Education

The role of arts in education tend to be undervalued in the Asia-Pacific region and the world, even though it enriches learning in settings for people of all ages, within and beyond the classroom. In this seminar, delegates will discuss the value of arts integration in school curricula, learn about applying creative skills in both artistic and seemingly non-artistic fields, and examine the intersection of arts with a diverse fields — for example, medicine, politics, and psychology. The intellectual value of investing and engaging in the arts is no less important than the intellectual value of science, math, or engineering fields, contrary to popular belief. Studies show that art instruction can aid the development of motor skills, language skills, and creativity in addition to having cognitive and emotional benefits. Art not only helps us to make sense of the world around us, but also to understand ourselves, to heal, and to find our voice.

Earlier Event: August 17
Coffee Break & Networking Session
Later Event: August 17
Networking Session