HPAIR 2020 Asia Conference Bidding Information 

History of the HPAIR Asia Conference

With over 20 years of history as Harvard’s largest annual student-run event in Asia, the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations creates a forum of exchange and facilitates discussion of the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1991, the HPAIR conferences have brought together students from the world’s foremost universities and leaders in the fields of government, business, culture, entrepreneurship, and academia.

HPAIR’s flagship event, the Asia Conference, is organized annually in cooperation with a leading Asian university. The conference is organized to achieve its three goals on which HPAIR was founded:

  • To foster long-term relationships among young leaders from around the globe

  • To connect talented delegates with some of today’s leaders in academia, business and government

  • To provide a dynamic forum of exchange on international issues vital to Asia

Why Host the HPAIR Asia Conference

The Host Country Organizing Committee (HCOC) has the opportunity to jointly organize Harvard University’s largest annual conference in the Asia-Pacific region. Through this process, members gain the valuable real-world experience of organizing one of Asia’s most prestigious conferences. By forging lasting relationships with delegates, Harvard students, and world leaders in business, politics and academia, members of the HCOC will find that organizing the conference is a uniquely rewarding experience.

The partnership university gains distinction and benefits of hosting the Asia Conference. HPAIR receives over a thousand qualified applicants every year, and hosts over a hundred world leaders in a wide array of fields. Universities who have worked with HPAIR in the past have enjoyed an elevated degree of international prominence and broad media exposure.

For more information please contact aconf-execs@hpair.org